We are Verrian




Verrian is focused on validating promising pre-clinical evidence for treatment of addiction through natural psychedelics.

World Class Manufacturing

Verrian owns and operates a 110,000 sq. ft. (12,000 sq. m) manufacturing facility, located in Radebeul, Germany, with re-inspection planned in 2020 to confirm EU-GMP & ISO 14001 standards.

Strategic Partnerships

Verrian has strategic partners for all requisite medical plant biomass and inputs to create its portfolio of products. Custom genetics for medical plants enable Verrian to maintain product consistency.

Medical Expertise

Verrian’s medical team studies new formulations and rapidly develops and commercializes new therapies.  Verrian will ensure to register and maintain a Qualified Person designated under EMA standards.



Outdoor cultivation takes advantage of everything that nature provides, and Verrian’s focus is to operate in unique micro-climates, perfect for cannabis flowering in countries that are now legal for cannabis production and export. This decreases reliance and expense of creating indoor environments in places where micro climates don’t exist for year round cannabis production.


Suffering is not limited to the markets where we sell our products, many people need relief from pain. We work through medically focused NGO’s to provide help and care to those in need through targeted projects.


Providing a living wage to everyone in every country where we work, giving them the opportunity to elevate their lives. Verrian is committed to improving the communities where we work through the people who make our products.