Leadership Team



Dorian Prosdocimi has had extensive experience in trading, investing and advising in financial markets. Prior to forming Prosdocimi Ltd in 2008, Mr. Prosdocimi was employed by Friedman Billings Ramsey where he served as CEO and was responsible for building the European business (2000 – 2007). Prior to joining Friedman Billings Ramsey, Mr. Prosdocimi was an institutional broker with Salomon Smith Barney in its New York and London offices (1993 – 2000). Prior to this, Mr Prosdocimi was a commodity broker at Czarnikow Ltd in London. Dorian’s extensive experience in equity capital markets and in international capital raising for a wide range of clients. Dorian is focused on alternative therapies and deep value investing, on behalf of his institutional and high net worth clients.



Dino Micacchi, has over thirty years of experience within the corporate accounting sector and private practice.  Since September 2011, Dino has served as a partner and officer for Micacchi Warnick & Company Professional Corporation Chartered Accountants. From April 1989 to September 2011, Dino served as a partner for VMSW Chartered Accountants and its predecessor Public Accounting firms. Dino serves as Director and officer on the board of Oxford Technology Group Inc., MW&Co Wealth Management Inc., and MW&CO Realty Inc. Dino serves as Director for the Independent Accountants Investment Group, a wealth management corporation based in Ontario, Canada. Mr. Micacchi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.  Mr. Micacchi achieved his designation as a Chartered Accountant from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1985.



Josef Spaeth, is a social entrepreneur based in Bavaria, Germany, who has operated in Africa, Asia and the Americas on large social change projects, including the world’s largest solar energy projects with Mubadala, Hitachi and Panasonic, working on behalf of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Six years ago, Josef engaged in co-founding a German Medical company that later became one of three licensed cannabis cultivators in Germany. Josef is a cancer survivor who has focused his interests in addiction medicine and wellness, using his personal network and experience in regulatory approvals to form a team of leading global experts in research for plant-based medicines and addiction.